SS135 - 50 or 200 / 6.3x25mm / Use 10mm Socket

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M6.3 - 1.81 X 25mm Black Hex Sheet Metal Screw

(#14 x 1")

10mm Indented Hex Head

17mm (21/32") (11/16") Outside Diameter Loose Washer



GM European & General Purpose

GM: #11500996, #11505023. #11508430

Auveco: #12339 / Car-Pak: #99-8407



These sheet metal screws are used to anchor metal panels together or plastic to metal. Commonly used under the hood and around the cladding covering wheel wells.  Available in a variety of lengths  and washer configurations.  Use these screws with our #14 fold over clips: SN120 and SN121.