Thank you for choosing The Fastener Warehouse.  For over 30 years we have been providing auto body fasteners to body shops throughout Southern California.  From our hands-on experience directly servicing these shops cabinets we have assembled this online catalog of the most common and popular clips and fasteners being used by body shops daily.

We stand behind the quality of any of our products and will happily replace or refund your money for any product purchased from us that is not up to your current expectations.  Our goal is to remain in the forefront of any new innovations in the fastener industry and to keep expanding this site.  


We specialize in the following manufacturers and many more as the list continues to grow:


We range in all types of clips and fasteners such as the following: Screws, Metric Bolts and Nuts, Speed Nuts, Push On Type Threaded Nuts, Hex Head Flange Nuts, Hex Loose Washer Nuts, U Nuts, Fold Clips, Nylon Nuts, Shims, Plastic Rivets, Pop Rivets, Window Regulator Rivets, Aluminum Rivets, Electrical Products, Crimp Type Butt Connectors, Ring Type Butt Connectors, Scotch Locks, Wire Loop Routing Clips, Push Mount Cable Ties, Shield Retainers, Headliner Retainers, Moulding Retainers, Trim Panel Retainers, Bumper & Fender Apron Retainers, Shield & Bumper Fascia Retainers, Wheel Well Retainers, Front Fender Retainers, Bumper Cover Retainers, Hood Insulation Retainers, Wheel Opening Moulding Retainers, Fender Liner Retainers, Mud Flap Retainers, Front End Fascia Retainers, Window Moulding Retainers, Engine Mount Heat Retainers, Xmas Tree Retainers, Weatherstrip Retainers, Hood Seal Retainers, Hood Insulation Retainers, Radiator Apron Panel Retainers, Hood Clips, Panel Retainers, Retaining Clips, Cowl Panel Retainers, Cowl & Garnish Retainers, Hood Prop Rod Clips, Push Type Retainers, Screw Type Retainers, Door Panel Trim Retainers, Wire Type Trim Panel Retainers, Head Light Adjusters, Grille Retainers, Reveal Moulding Clips, Windshield Moulding Clips, Bumper and Door Insulator Screws, Metric Type CA Body Bolts,  Loose Washer Body Bolts, U Nuts, Screw Grommets, Tek Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Self Tapper Screws, Upholstery Screws, Pan Head Screws, License Plate Screws, Nutserts and more!


For payment options we gladly accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal.  We also accept Money orders or Company checks with credit approval.  

Whether you own an auto body shop, are a weekend warrior or just need to fasten something together... we got you covered.  We look forward to servicing you now and in the future.


Best Regards, 

Jesse and Hailey Wagner