TR361- 15 or 60 / Hyundai Rocker Moulding Clip / White Nylon

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Hyundai Rocker Moulding Retainer Clip with Sealer / White Nylon

Hole Size: 9/16" (14mm)

Top Head Size: 12mm x 15mm

Bottom Head Size: 14mm x 36mm

Stem Diameter: 14mm

Stem Length: 10mm

Overall Length: 15mm

Trim Thickness: 2mm

Panel Range: 2mm



Hyundai Tiburon (1997 - 2001)

Hyundai: #87770-27000

Auveco: #22020 / Car-Pak: #99-9108


Left, Right Position. May also be called Clip Side Sill Moulding Mounting