TR322 - 15 or 60 / Hyundai Bumper & Grille Retainer

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Hyundai Bumper & Grille Mounting Retainer / Stainless Steel

Width: 13mm (9/16")

Length: 30mm (1-3/16") 



Hyundai: #86593-24000

Hyundai Accent, Santa Fe & Sonata  (1995 - On)

Elantra & Tucson

Auveco: #21067  /  Car-Pak: #99-8504



This part may also be called a Bumper Bar Clip or Energy Absorber Clip. Hardware used to attach bumper cover to the vehicle. Metal or Plastic retainer to hold the grille to the vehicle. Nut to secure bumper cover. Included with: Bumper cover, Lower column cover, Rocker molding.